Small > 100 # Tank Certification 5 Year Extension Visual Inspection

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Small Propane cylinder requalification, Less than 100 pounds or 24 Gallons. Also known as propane tank recertification, is a checkup on the safety of your propane container. We will inspect the cylinder for dents, gouges, bulges, heat/fire damage, damage to welds, rust, and corrosion that could pose a risk of problems, like a leak.

Propane containers have a manufacture date stamped onto their collar (the metal piece that comes out of the main tank, often used as a handle). Depending on the original manufacture date, the container must be recertified by a professional again 12 years from the date to ensure its continued use. Our visual inspection extends the refilling life to 5 more years.

After purchase, your tank can be inspected & tagged at our Filling Station. 8801 NE 117th Ave Vancouver WA 98662 Or call 360-823-1222 for questions.


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